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GCSE Equivalency

For you to gain access to higher education or for a better chance of employment, you need maths and English GCSE qualifications or a GCSE equivalent qualification. For this reason, GCSE equivalent qualifications have become more popular.

The two main GCSE equivalent qualification are:

  1. English and maths functional skills: Functional skills is one of the GCSE equivalent qualifications. Functional skills have 5 levels that you have to go through. These levels are: entry level 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. The final level, level 2, is the GCSE equivalent. If you are over 19 and don’t fit the criteria, you can sign up for a functional skills course where you will be an independent learner and take the exams when you feel ready. However, if you are 19 years of age and under, you can take the functional skills course through your college and the government will fund you.

2. GCSE Equivalency Tests: This qualification is recommended for people who want to gain access to teacher training courses. This qualification covers all three main subjects (maths, English and science). Many providers offer this qualification but MME is the most reputable one. The exams for this qualification can be taken at any time during the year.

These two qualifications aren’t the only GCSE equivalents for example there is BTEC and NVQ but they are not as popular as functional skills. Even though there are loads of different GCSE equivalent qualifications, the gold standard is the GCSE exams. Even though they are the best qualifications to have, they aren’t as flexible and convenient as GCSE equivalents since there are only two exam sittings during the year so a better option if you require one of these qualifications for a course or employment is GCSE equivalents.

Here at Harrogate Tutors we provide you with one to one revision sessions for maths and English GCSE equivalents exams. We are proud to work with MME who can help book your online functional skills exam, or they can book your exam at a testing centre near you. They will help you with any enquiries you have.


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