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GCSE Equivalency Tests

The Harrogate Tutors want to ensure that we offer only the best support to both student and adult learners. Ensuring that they are fully informed and help in regards to a wide range of qualification types. Assisting them in making a good, informed choice of which type of qualification they want to do. While making sure it is the correct one for their situation.

If you wish to go into a course route line teaching, midwifery, or nursing. Then the GCSE equivalency qualification type would be the best for you. This type of test is a series of examinations, with a choice of 4 different subjects. These are Maths, English, Biology, and Combined Science. These examinations follow the UK curriculum, as well as are backed by multiple major exam boards. It also benefits from being able to be taken at any time of the year.

There are several providers of this type of qualification in the UK, however, only 2 are accepted by all major universities. One of which being A Star Equivalency. Making it one of the best choices out of the rest of the providers.

There are also multiple benefits from taking the examinations with A Star Equivalency. These are:

  • Flexible dates and times you can sit for the exam

  • The exam can be taken in either paper form, or online

  • You will be provided with a valid certificate if you pass, with a code that shows the university that the qualification is real


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