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Online Functional Skills Maths

Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction

Online functional skills maths revision and exams are growing in trend and becoming the norm as they are more accessible and convenient. The pandemic has affected everyone's lives and changed the way exams are being taken, online exams have always been available and the pandemic has only sped this change up as most education providers have moved their exams online for the learners benefit. You can now take and access all revision exam material needed to complete a functional skills maths qualification for both level 1 and level 2

Online Functional Skills Maths Revision

We have made available to learners all the revision material needed from online courses to functional skills maths level 2 past papers. At Harrogate Tutors we provide online courses for all levels including level 1 and level 2 maths. Furthermore we do this to provide our learners with freely accessible content including past papers as well as additional resources such as our unique individual catered pre-assessment. This pre- assessment allows you to work through a set of questions, similar to exam style questions and it highlights the key areas of improvement you need to work on to obtain your qualification. We have physical copies available for those learners who prefer to revise from paper, we always have products that are dispatched to your home such as revision guides, revision cards and exam papers. When you feel you’ve done the revision and are confident enough to pass the exam, then you can book it at home and take it at home, as explained below

Online Functional Skills Maths Exam

Harrogate tutors are a highly popular Ofqual regulated online functional skills maths exam providers, book and take your functional skills maths exam online!. You can sit both the level 2 and level 1 online exam from home with online invigilation. The level 2 qualification is a GCSE equivalent that resembles a GCSE at grade C/ Level 4, Thousands of learners take this course every year, as it's an extremely popular exam to take as it allows learners to apply for University and is a sought after qualification that employers look out for.


Will my University accept this qualification?

Universities during the application process check for a GCSE or equivalent qualification, the most common accepted GCSE equivalent is a Functional skills maths level 2 qualification

Are the online exams safe?

Yes, Sitting exams online is a much safer way to store exams rather than on paper. The invigilators who conduct the examinations are highly trained and ensure the exam rules are met whilst remaining highly vigilant during the exam.

Are the online exams safe?

Exams that are conducted online are100 percent safe and the invigilators are properly trained to ensure the exam rules are being met.

Are the online exams safe?

Yes the exams are Ofqual regulated, this means they are UK government certified.

Is an online exam as good as a paper based on?

Yes, your certificate will not state whether the exam has been conducted online or on paper as this isn’t relevant. The most important part is that you’ve obtained this qualification.

Are the online maths exams official?

Yes they are very official and Ofqual regulated which means they are UK government approved.

If I pass will I get a hard copy of the certificate?

Yes upon completion you will receive a digital copy and paper based copy of your certificate which is also sent in the post to your home address

Do I have to have special software and be good with computers?

No, simple laptop or PC knowledge is more than enough to take the exam

Why should I choose an online functional skills maths test over a centre based exam?

Due its popularity most actually prefer taking their exams online as its more convenient with results being marked and sent out at a faster rate so there’s no need to travel to a test centre

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