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11 Plus Tutors in Harrogate

Harrogate Tutors provides expert specialist tuition for the 11 plus. Our 11 plus tuition focuses specifically on the GL assessment material, that which is covered by Ripon Grammar School. Because the 11 plus material sits outside of the standard curriculum, many look for additional support to help prepare their child for the Ripon Grammar entrance exam. At Harrogate Tutors, our tutors specialise in offering 11+ tuition for Ripon Grammar and they have the required training and years of experience that you would expect from one of our people. Therefore  if you are in Harrogate, Ripon or any other surrounding area and are looking for an 11 plus tutor to help your child succeed, contact Harrogate Tutors today.

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We match you with a private 11 plus tutor who is experienced qualified and has an exceptional pass rate. 

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The eleven plus tutor will contact you directly to arrange the tuition. No upfront fee and no contracts, just effective 1-2-1 11 plus entrance exam tuition.  

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Harrogate Tutors 11 Plus Testimonials

Average Tuition Feedback Score:


Name: Chris B

Subject: 11 Plus Ripon Grammar

"I am thrilled to let you know our daughter has received her 11+ results today for Ripon Grammar school, the pass mark was 203 and she achieved 220. Thank you so much for the skills you gave her to allow her to do this."

Name: Jane A

Subject: 11 Plus GSAL

"Thank you so much for all of your help with Julia's 11 plus exam, we are pleased to say that David passed the exam and is looking forward to starting his new school"

Name: Caroline L

Subject: Ripon Grammr 11 plus tuition

"I am happy to recommend Harrogate Tutors to any parent who is looking for a professional 11 plus tutor. From the start to finish you really helped settle our nerves about the entire process and Janet was an excellent choice of tutor. She took Archie through every part of the 11 plus exam and helped to improve his confidence, especially in maths where he has always struggled in comparison to his English. We may very well be back in touch later in the year to ask for your help with his sats exams but until then, thanks again for all your help"

Name: Hayley P

Subject: Leeds Grammar School Tuition

"I never thought I would say this but our son actually enjoyed the 11 plus coaching. He responded well to the tutors input and the more work he seemed to do the more his confidence grew. Passing the test was the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for arranging this'

Name: Edward R

Subject: Ripon Grammar 11 Plus

"An exceptional service. Maisie found the tuition engaging and productive. The lessons really helped her with the exam preparation and we are happy to recommend Janet and Roger to any parents looking for an 11 plus tutor in Harrogate "


About 11 Plus Tutors in Harrogate

We focus on offering 11+ tuition for Ripon Grammar but also have tutors that specialise in the 11 plus for Bradford, Halifax, Ermysted's and Skipton Girls High School where many of the exams differ from each other. Our tutors are aware of all the requirements relating to the 11+ for each school including catchment areas, average pass mark and the types of questions that most students struggle on. For the 2023 entrance exams we are in the process of organising mock exams so that students have access to a realistic test environment where they can sit the relevant papers under exam conditions in order to help them prepare for the real thing.  


Our tutors will assess every student and provide honest feedback on the chances of the student passing the 11 plus entrance exam. We must stress that the tuition and the exam for the 11+ is not for every child and our tutors will communicate this very early on giving you, as a parent, the opportunity to discontinue the tuition if you see this as the appropriate way forward.


If you require more information about the Ripon Grammar 11+, or would like to book and 11 plus tutor then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

11 Plus Mock Exams

At Harrogate Tutors we are pleased to be able to offer professionally organised 11 plus mock exams for the following schools:

11 Plus Tuition Locations

Harrogate Tutors provides expert eleven plus tuition in the following locations and the surrounding area.

Harrogate 11 Plus Tutors FAQs

When should my child start 11 plus tuition?

Our experience tells us that 9-12 months 11 plus specific tuition is optimum. Anymore and it doesn't help a student's chances of passing and any less then you risk not being able to cover all of the material and question types in time for the exam.

When is the Ripon Grammar 11 plus exam taken?

The exam is sat in late September or Early October at the start of year 6.

What is the 11 plus pass mark for Ripon Grammar?

This changes every year and it is impossible to predict. What you have also got to take into account is that the test is age standardised so the gross marks achieved will be altered to factor this in which is why the final marks awarded don't match the number of marks the papers are out of. 

Do you offer Ripon Grammar 11 plus mock exams?

Yes we offer a number of 11 plus mock exams for Ripon Grammar alongside our sister agency in Skipton. The last of our 2017 Ripon Grammar 11 plus mock exams will be held on the 2nd of September. You can find more information on our 11 plus mock page. 

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