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Functional Skills Level 2

Welcome to the functional skills page here at Harrogate Tutors. This page will provide you with information about the functional skills level 1 all the way to level 2.

The functional skills maths and English exams start at the same entry level, which is entry level 1 and progress the same. There are 5 levels of functional skills qualifications; entry level 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. The last level, the Functional Skills Level 2, is the GCSE equivalent that is accepted by employers and universities.

Functional skills level qualifications demonstrate a basic understanding of maths and English. The 5 levels of functional skills all offer different opportunities. The three entry levels provide a good base to build from to get the rest of the functional skills qualifications. The functional skills level 2 exam is equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 and is a great stepping stone in order to get onto a university course and other courses across the country. Pass Functional Skills offer Ofqual related exams and dedicated revision material that is proven to help our past leaners to pass their functional skills exams. Pass functional skills offers functional skills maths level 2 and functional skills English level 2 which are both mandatory requirements for university courses and the majority of courses. There are also various Functional Skills Past Papers available online for you to use, free of charge.We recommend that you have a look at the Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Past Papers and the Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers when preparing for your exams.


The Edexcel and City and Guilds are two of the biggest exam boards that provide English and maths functional skills qualifications. The most popular qualification is the City and Guilds functional skills level 2 with thousands of people sitting the exam every year. The curriculum that the exam boards use is set by the government in the UK therefore there isn’t a difference between the exam boards qualifications. However, even though there isn’t any difference between the exam boards, and there is both a Functional Skills English Level 2 course and a Functional Skills Maths Level 2 course available for purchase.

You are able to access the Functional Skills exam pages via these links:


Harrogate Tutors have accumulated the most frequently asked questions and answered them below for you about functional skills qualifications. 


What is a functional skills qualification?
The functional skills qualification gives people the opportunity to improve their English and maths. If you achieve the level 2 qualification, this is equivalent to a GCSE grade C/4. 

What is the difference between GCSE exams and functional skills exams? 
GCSE exams have more contents that you need to learn compared to the functional skills exams. The functional skills exams apply real life situations as their questions, therefore it’s more relatable. 
Is the functional skills exam easier than GCSE? 
The two exams are different, it depends since some people prefer the functional skills exams since the questions are real life situations. If you prefer contextualised questions then GCSE is the better exam for you but if you prefer real life situations then the functional skills exam is better for you. 

How long does it take to complete a functional skills qualification?
This varies depending on your knowledge, we will look at each learner and make a plan for them which is determined by their knowledge already and when they need the qualification by.

Can the functional skills qualification get you a Job? 
Yes you can get a job with the level 2 qualification since it is a GCSE equivalent. This qualification is also accepted by higher education courses.

What is the pass mark for the functional skills exams? 
This varies depending on the paper and how difficult it is. The pass Mark normally is around 50-60% but this could change. 

Can I get a free functional skills exam?
The UK government funds some of the functional skills courses, but there is a criteria that you have to meet to get this. If you are older than 19, then you won’t be able to apply for this but there are other routes such as apprenticeship programmes to get funding. MME provides the cheapest online English functional skills exams.

Can I take an online functional skills maths level 2 exam? 
Yes, you can book your exam through MME. MME offers functional skills online maths level 2 exams


For those who still have any questions they need answering that were not included in the FAQs, or simply want to discuss related topics with other learners, then feel free to visit the Functional Skills Support Group on Facebook. Here, like-minded students and tutors collaborate and share ideas in order to support each other pass their Functional Skills exams.

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