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Ripon Grammar 11 Plus Tutors

Harrogate Tutors offers expert 11 Plus tuition for the Ripon Grammar entrance exam. The 11 plus content sits outside of the curriculum; therefore the KS2 teaching students receive in their schools isn't as relevant for the 11+ exam. Harrogate Tutors specialises in preparing students to sit the Ripon Grammar entrance exam by taking them through a comprehensive course that includes all of the relevant materials that will feature in the exam. All 11 Plus tuition is provided on a one to one basis with experienced tutors. So if you are looking for 11 plus coaching for Ripon Grammar make sure you contact Harrogate Tutors today!

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We match you with a private Ripon Grammar 11 plus tutor who is experienced qualified and matches your criteria. 

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The specialist Ripon Grammar 11 plus tutor will contact you directly to arrange the tuition. No upfront fee and no contracts, just effective 1-2-1 maths tuition.  




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Ripon Grammar 11 Plus Tutors 

Parents often ask a number of questions relating to the 11 plus and the 11+ tuition we provide, so we have tried to collate many of the most common ones below to give everyone more information about this exam.

How much 11 plus tuition will my child need?

This varies but on average between 9-12 months tuition is ideal to give enough time to work through all of the relevant materials. 

What is the 11 plus pass mark for Ripon Grammar?

The 11 plus pass mark for Ripon Grammar varies every year and is determined by the cohort of children that take it. Because there are fewer people who take the exam in comparison to the Skipton Grammar schools, the pass mark is often lower for Ripon. 

Can we have more than 12 months tuition?

At Harrogate Tutors we do not believe that more than 12 months specialist 11+ tuition correlates with pass rates, therefore we do not offer 11+ specific tuition to younger students as we simply believe it doesn't improve their chances of passing. We recommend that younger students practise their core KS2 skills to ensure that these are as good as they can be. 

Do you assess our child's chances of passing the 11+?

Yes we assess your child from the very first lesson and if we don't believe they will be suited to the 11 plus tuition and exam then we will highlight this very early on and suggest that it is unsuitable; however we will always leave the final decision with parents as to whether they want to continue the tuition or not. 

What does the Ripon Grammar 11 plus exam contain?

It is a series of verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions which include word puzzles and picture puzzles. The papers are set by GL assessment. 

When is the Ripon Grammar 11 plus exam?

In late September of year 6.​

Ripon Grammar 11 Plus Mock Exams 2019

Through our partners in Skipton, we are pleased to be able to offer places for professional 11 Plus mock exams for Ripon Grammar School. The mock exams will take place in Skipton and the date for the 2020 mock exams will be released in January. These 11 plus mock exams are designed to provide the closest thing to the real tests, with professional invigilation in an exam hall setting. The 11 plus mock will consist of the same types of papers seen in the Ripon Grammar 11 plus, with maths, English and verbal reasoning papers in the same format as the exam. You can book a place on the 11 plus mock exams via our partners Skipton Tutors. 

If you are thinking about entering your child into the Ripon Grammar 11 plus exams and as a result you are considering 11+ tuition then please contact Harrogate Tutors today and we will be happy to discuss what help we can provide and how our 11 plus tuition makes a real difference. 

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Ripon Grammar 11 Plus Mock Exam Schedule

The Ripon Grammar 11+ mock examinations will take place at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Newmarket Street, Skipton. The dates and times of the 11 plus mock exams can be found on the Skipton Tutors page.

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11 Plus Mock Exams Feedback

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"The Harrogate Tutors 11 plus mock exam was excellent. My daughter was very nervous about the whole formal examination procedures and sharing a large hall along with many other children she didn't know but the experience was invaluable, thank you"

"Our son had been receiving tuition from another tuition agency just outside Harrogate but the mocks organised by them weren't really mocks. A friend told me about your 11 plus mocks and I felt a little cheeky booking in but you were really welcoming. Matthew found the whole experience really useful in preparing him for his actual exam. The exam papers used were pretty tricky and they have highlighted a number of areas for Matthew to work on in the lead up to the exam. Thanks again, Mary"

"We are so pleased Jane sat your Ripon grammar exam as it has given her so much more confidence, she is no longer scared of exam day! Thanks again and we will see you next year when Adam is ready to sit the mock exam."

"I am thrilled to let you know our daughter has received her 11 Plus results today for Ripon Grammar school, the pass mark was 203 and she achieved 220. The 11 Plus mock exams that you provided were so helpful and crucial to our daughter passing the Ripon Grammar 11 Plus. Thank you so much for the skills you gave her to allow her to do this."

For more 11 plus mock feedback...

11 Plus Mock Exam Booking

11 Plus Mock Enquiries 2021


If you are interested in the 2021 11 plus mock exams for Ripon Grammar School please register your interest by submitting the contact form. We will email you with all of the relevant booking information. If you would prefer to call, then please do so on

01423 603132

What is the Ripon Grammar 11 plus pass mark?

The Ripon Grammar 11 plus pass mark varies each year and is dependent on the cohort of students that sit the test that year. 

When is the best time to book a Ripon Grammar 11 plus tutor in Harrogate?

This can vary widely. From the years of experience we have had delivering 11 plus tuition for Ripon Grammar School, we can see patterns with those who pass. From this we see that those who have 9 to 12 months tuition of 1 hour a week tend to perform very well. Having more than 12 months tuition doesn't appear to affect the pass rate but having less than 9 months does. However, every student is different, we have had students in the past who have had 4 months of intensive tuition and passed their 11 plus but often these children have been revising at home as well and are performing very well in their KS2 Maths and English studies.

How do I book an 11 Plus tutor in Harrogate?

You simply drop us an email or give us a call and we will set you up with a suitable tutor within 48 hours.

Can one of your Harrogate tutors travel to me?

In most cases our tutors can travel to you for no additional cost but this is always dependent on availability which is often determined by the time of year. Our 11 Plus tutors do get fully booked, so it is important to get booked in. 

Can I book weekly lessons?

Yes most students look to have an hourly lesson each week to help them improve their confidence and their overall performance in the subject being tutored.

How do you hire your 11 Plus tutors, do they have DBS checks?

All of our Harrogate Tutors have DBS checks and back ground checks. We interview every tutor in person and monitor them constantly for feedback from parents and students. We only provide the best tutors with work which means we can be confident in the tutors we supply.

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Harrogate Tutors Ripon Grammar 11 Plus FAQ's

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