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GCSE English Equivalency Test

GCSE English Equivalency exams are a suitable option for those who are wanting to enrol on a higher education course like teacher training programmes, nursing programmes and those like midwifery. For most of these courses, it’s a general requirement to have a GCSE English at level 4 (or grade c). But for those who may have not been in education for a while or don’t have the equivalent then this is an option for you. 

Harrogate Tutors would now like to offer you the option to book and prepare you for your GCSE English Equivalency Exam.


We understand that throughout the country there are many providers all who are wanting you to choose them as your GCSE English Equivalency Exam provider. The team here at Harrogate Tutors would like to recommend to you, A Star Equivalency. We work very closely alongside A Star, as they are a leading provider for all GCSE English Equivalency exams. They have been a highly reputable company since 2002 and offer you many options to suit you in the best way possible. 

When booking your exam through A Star Equivalency, you will have the opportunity to decide whether you require just the exam or the exam and course. A major plus for booking with A Star is that you can also choose which date according to price which you’d like to sit your GCSE English Equivalency exam, the further in advance you book your exam - the cheaper! 


GCSE English Equivalency exams all follow an extremely close specification to the AQA English Language GCSE. It isn’t quite the same as there are slight modifications in order to make the exam a little more accessible for those who have been outside of education for a long period of time and don’t quite have the time to study, like those in full time education would.  Most training course providers will expect a level 4 (grade C) as a minimum, whereas some require a minimum of level 6 (in Wales for example). 

The two papers are both worth 100 marks in total, which determines the percentage for your grade. 


Just as an idea, the GCSE English Equivalency Exam grade boundaries are as follows: 


Level 9    79-100    79%

Level 8    73-78      73% 

Level 7    68-72      68%

Level 6    61-67      61%

Level 5    54-60      54%

Level 4  48-53      48%

Level 3  35-47      35%

Level 2  23-34      23%

Level 1 10-22      10%

Unclassified  0-9  0% 


All of the GCSE English Equivalency exams are now sat from the comfort of your own home. For your exam day, you will need to ensure that your laptop/computer has a webcam and strong internet access. And some lined paper & a pen (and your smartphone to submit your answer if you write the answers down). On the exam day, your GCSE English Equivalency exam will take 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete. You will sit two papers back to back. Firstly, you will sit Section A which is the Reading paper - you will have 1 hour 25 mins to complete this and it is worth 60 marks. Then, you will go straight into Section B which is the Writing paper, you will get 45 mins to complete which is also worth 40 marks. 

After sitting your GCSE English Equivalency exam, you will receive your results within 10 working days via email. However, if you need your results sooner, then you will have the option to fast track your results and receive them within 24-72 hours of sitting your GCSE English Equivalency Exam

If this sounds like a suitable option for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Harrogate Tutors and we would like to help you in any way that we can, Whether that is booking your GCSE English Equivalency exam to helping you prepare how to answer exam questions.

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