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City & Guilds Functional Skills

Harrogate Tutors helps people to prepare for City & Guilds Functional Skills exams. We are determined to help you pass any sort of exam you may have, and have thus prepared for those looking for support in taking their City and Guilds Functional Skills exam. With the help of our partners at MME, we have been able to assemble a substantial supply of revision materials that you are able to use to prepare for your exam, free of charge. MME have over 20 past papers on their website for you to use to help yourself get more familiar with the format and content of the actual exam.

MME also offer the City and Guilds Functional Skills exam itself on their Functional Skills page, as an alternative exam board for you to sit with. The main difference between the City and Guilds Functional Skills and other Functional Skills exams is the fact that the exam will be monitored by City and Guilds themselves, and your qualification that you will achieve if you pass will be awarded by City and Guilds. This may be desirable to those who specifically need a City and Guilds qualification to get into their chosen University or College, or perhaps for those who just have a preferance as to who they will be sitting with.

Like other Functional Skills exams that MME provide, the City and Guilds Functional Skills exam is an online exam, which means that to sit the exam you will need a computer with a webcam and microphone and a stable internet connection. This is so you are able to access the exam as well as communicate with your City and Guilds invigilator who will be getting in contact with you on the day of your exam to help you set up your exam.

With the assistance from our partners at MME, as well as our expert tutors who are available to you, you should have everything you need to pass your City and Guilds exams.

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