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Leeds Grammar 11 Plus Tutors

Harrogate Tutors offers expert GSAL 11 plus tuition for the Leeds Grammar entrance exam. Some of the the GSAL 11 plus content sits outside of the curriculum; therefore the KS2 teaching students receive in their schools isn't as relevant for the 11 Plus exam. Harrogate Tutors specialises in preparing students to sit the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam by taking them through a comprehensive course that includes all of the relevant materials that will feature in the exam. All 11 Plus tuition is provided on a one to one basis, delivered by our experienced tutors. So if you are looking for 11 plus coaching for the Leeds Grammar entrance exam, contact Harrogate Tutors today.

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The specialist Leeds Grammar 11 plus tutor will contact you directly to arrange the tuition. No upfront fee and no contracts, just effective 1-2-1 maths tuition.  



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About The 11 Plus Entrance Exam For Leeds Grammar School

When does the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam take place?

The Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam takes place at the end of January for admission the following September. The main entrance exam for September 2019 has now passed and the school is accepting applications for 2020 entry. The exam for this takes place in January 2020. There is a non-refundable application fee of £50 to sit the GSAL entrance exam.  

What does the GSAL 11 Plus entrance exam involve?

A whole day is put aside for the 11 Plus entrance exam in January. The 11 Plus entrance exam consists of taking a Maths, English comprehension and English writing test. There is also a short interview that takes place on a separate date. Over 200 people each year apply for year 7 admissions so the 11 plus exam result is significant in allocating places. If you are looking for support with the GSAL 11 plus exam, then we are the best people to help. 

Are there any Leeds Grammar School 11 plus past papers? 

Yes there is one 11 plus maths sample paper for the Grammar school at Leeds which can be accessed below. 

How and when to apply to sit the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam:

Parents must apply for their child to sit the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam using the online application form. The deadline for applications is the 30th November prior to the September they wish to join Leeds Grammar School. You can apply online via the following link 

Leeds Grammar 11 Plus Tuition

Parents often ask a number of questions relating to the 11 plus and the 11+ tuition we provide, so we have tried to collate many of the most common ones below to give everyone more information about this exam.

How much 11 plus tuition will my child need?

This varies but on average between 9-12 months tuition is ideal to give enough time to work through all of the relevant materials. 

Can we have more than 12 months tuition?

At Harrogate Tutors we do not believe that more than 12 months specialist 11 Plus tuition correlates with pass rates, therefore we do not offer 11 Plus specific tuition to younger students as we simply believe it doesn't improve their chances of passing. We recommend that younger students practise their core KS2 skills to ensure that these are as good as they can be. 

Do you assess our child's chances of passing the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus?

Yes we assess your child from the very first lesson and if we don't believe they will be suited to the 11 plus tuition and exam then we will highlight this very early on and suggest that it is unsuitable; however we will always leave the final decision with parents as to whether they want to continue the tuition or not. 

Leeds Grammar 11 Plus  Mocks & Booking

  • Through our partner; Skipton Tutors, we are pleased to be able to offer 11 plus mock exams for Leeds Grammar School. The mock exams have been arranged for a number of dates throughout 2020. For more information on the Leeds Grammar 11 plus mock exam, visit our sister site Skipton Tutors.

  • If you are thinking about applying for entry into Leeds Grammar School for your child, contact Harrogate Tutors today, we will be happy to discuss what help we can provide and how our 11 Plus tuition can really make a difference to your child’s chances of outstanding education.

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Leeds Grammar 11 Plus FAQ's

What materials and resources can I use for the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam?

The expert Leeds Grammar 11 Plus tutors that Harrogate Tutors provide come with all the very best and up to date resources, practice tests and much more. If you would like to book one of our expert 11 Plus tutors, contact Harrogate Tutors today

Does the Leeds Grammar entrance exam contain topics from the normal Key Stage 2 syllabus?

The Leeds Grammar 11 Plus Entrance Exam has been designed to be challenging. It includes topics that are outside of the ordinary primary school syllabus and includes topics more commonly seen in Key Stage 3 work. If you would like to speak to someone regarding a query on any of the topics included in the Leeds Grammar 11 Plus Entrance Exam, contact Harrogate Tutors today

Are you able to provide tutors that deliver lessons on weekends?

Harrogate Tutors are able to provide tutors on weekdays, weekday evenings and even weekends. If you would like to discuss the time and date for booking an 11 Plus tutor, contact us today. 

How do I go about organising an 11 Plus tutor for my childs Leeds Grammar 11 Plus entrance exam?

You have come to the correct place. If you fill out an contact form, which can be found at the top or bottom of this page, one of our team members will be in touch to discuss your requirements and look to place you with one of our expert Leeds Grammar 11 Plus tutors. 

Are all of your Leeds Grammar 11 plus tutors DBS checked?

Harrogate Tutors understands the importance of children's safety, which is why every tutor we provide have been DBS (CRB) checked. 

Do your Leeds Grammar 11 Plus tutors travel to our home?

Harrogate Tutors is able to provide tutors that will travel to your come, at your convenience for not additional cost. Alternatively, if you would prefer to travel to the tutor or arrange for the tuition to take place at a mutual venue, this can also be arranged.

When is the best time to book a tutor for the Leeds Grammar 11 plus exam?

Harrogate Tutors advises that you begin tuition a minimum of 9 months before the entry exam takes place. This is due to the extent that the Leeds Grammar 11 plus entrance exam sits outside of the curriculum. This is only a guild line, on average students tend to have 9 months tuition.  

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