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QTS Maths Tuition Harrogate | Professional Numeracy Skills Test Tutors

Harrogate Tutors offers QTS Maths tuition to help prospective teachers with their preparation for their Professional Skills Test, also called the QTS or numeracy skills test. The numeracy skills maths test is necessary to gain qualified teacher status. We have also partnered with one of the countries leading resource websites, QTS Maths Tutor, to give our students access to a free numeracy skills test as well as an entire testing platform that has interactive numeracy skills tests that are in a similar style to the real exam and will help you to get numeracy ready. Other providers of professional numeracy skills tests such as G and A Numerical simply don't offer what is required to help prospective teachers effectively prepare for their numeracy skills test and help to get their numeracy ready for the exam. 


The exams consist of material set to a similar difficulty level as GCSE's. From experience we find that people often struggle with the timing aspect of the Maths QTS exam; therefore this is one of the areas that our tutors focus on to help our students overcome the timing difficulties. Additionally our tutors help with the exam technique, which is very important when answering the mental Maths questions as these require efficient methods of working in order to formulate an answer within the time limit set for each question. 


Out of all three exams it is the QTS Maths exam we get the most tuition requests for. This is down to the timing aspect of the exam but also the fact that many people of all abilities are often rusty when it comes to Mathematical methods for percentages, decimals, long division and even simple multiplication. This is because many people are not regularly using these techniques on a daily basis. Our Harrogate QTS Maths tutors have found that many of our students are able to calculate and complete the questions but are using methods that are either too slow or increase the chances of silly mistakes. This is all down to method and exam technique which is what our QTS Maths tuition sets out to master giving people the confidence to go into the final exam and naturally use the fastest methods, minimising errors. We also have a selection of practise QTS Maths tests which are always an indicator of success rate. If a student passes three consecutive QTS Maths style practise tests by more than 5 marks they nearly always go on to pass the actual numeracy skills test at the first attempt.


Many people leave it until their third attempt to then look to seek help in the form of a QTS Maths Tutor. Although this is understandable it then puts a lot of pressure on the final test. If you are concerned about the Maths aspect of the numeracy skills test then Contact Harrogate Tutors and we will be happy to discuss what input you may find useful. 


If you are looking for a QTS Maths tutor in Harrogate or would like more information about the QTS tuition we provide then please get in touch with Harrogate Tutors and we will be happy to help. We can even help you with your qts skills test practice

For QTS tuition in Skipton visit Skipton Tutors QTS Maths. For QTS tuition in any other area outside of Skipton or Harrogate, or for online QTS Maths tuition visit,

Which Numeracy Skills Books do we recommend?

As part of the maths tuition we offer, we help people to prepare for their professional numeracy skills test. This is specialist tuition as it requires an in depth knowledge of the qts skills test format and the question types that appear in it, so even though the topics do cross over with the GCSE Maths syllabus they are delivered in a way that requires students to develop new methods for answering certain questions. At Harrogate Tutors we are regularly asked what qts skills test books would we recommend and we believe there is one that stands out from the rest. We recommend that you go to Amazon to purchase the QTS Maths Tutor numeracy skills test book. 

QTS Testimonials

Miles H, Harrogate

QTS Maths

"I contacted Harrogate Tutors to arrange the QTS Maths tuition as I hadn't seen cumulative frequency curves since my GCSE Maths days. I must admit I thought that the QTS Maths test would be really straight forward but the timing aspect of it and the fact I hadn't done GCSE Maths in nearly 10 years made it a bit trickier than I was expecting. After 5 lessons I decided to sit the test and passed first time. Thanks."

Alex W, Harrogate

QTS Maths

"Great help with my QTS maths prep, thanks Lewis! I feel really confident to pass"

Anna W, Harrogate

QTS Maths

"I did it! Passed. I was soooo nervous but just put into practise the methods we had learnt in the session. I felt I recognised half the questions from the ones we had done in the lessons. I would highly recommend your QTS Maths tuition, I hope you don't mid but I have forwarded your number to one of my friends who is looking to sit his QTS Maths and English at the end of this month. Anna."

Adam H, Harrogate

QTS Maths

"Maths isn't my strong point so when I knew the QTS Maths test was a similar level to GCSE Maths, I got in touch with you straight away. The methods taught in the lessons really helped and I felt confident in the exam as a result. I am happy for you to use my feedback on your website. Thanks Adam."

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Harrogate Tutors also offers private one to one tuition for the Literacy Skills Test, through our partner site QTS Literacy Tutor. QTS Literacy Tutor has 10 practise tests, exam solutions and plenty more to help you pass your Literacy Skills Test. Not only that, QTS Literacy Tutor offers market leading tuition, delivered by Literacy Skills Test experts, who have helped hundreds of people pass this test before you.


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