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Group Tuition

We often get asked if group GCSE Maths tuition or English lessons are something we offer and we have resisted the temptation to offer these services for a number of reasons. From a business perspective it would make financial sense for us to offer group tuition as although the charge per student is less it can generate a much better fee per hour. However, from the research we have conducted and feedback we have collected, we have found that generally it doesn't work as well as one to one tuition and at the average price of £20 a lesson actually results in poor value for money. At Harrogate Tutors we aim to offer the best academic tuition in all subjects but with a focus on Maths, English and Science as these often feed into all the other subjects that students study, which means if they succeed in these areas they tend to succeed in the other subjects as well. We don't believe that group tuition is effective enough to make the kind of impact we want to have and for that reason we will not be introducing the service this year regardless of the number of requests. If you would like to speak to us in more detail about our one to one tuition services in Harrogate or to book one of our Harrogate Tutors, then please get in touch, we will be happy to help.

The Harrogate Tutors blog has been set up to keep parents, students and tutors informed about changes and updates to our website and service. 

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