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The New GCSE Science Course

There have been a number of changes to many of the GCSE Courses this year and at Harrogate Tutors we aim to publish our findings after having analysed the changes along with feedback from tutors and students after a few weeks of covering the course.

The new GCSE Science has a number of changes with some significant ones such as the removal of coursework and altering of exam structure. There is now an aim for all the major exam boards to clearly set out their questions in a way that is easier to comprehend what the question is looking for. Whether they are successful in doing this will only be evident once we see the first set of exam papers in 2018. In general much of the content is the same in Biology, Chemistry and Physics but there are additional topics that have previously been seen in AS courses. This is an attempt to bridge the large gap between GCSE and A level Science courses. We believe that the gap has narrowed and students will have the added challenge of trying to understand and apply this knew knowledge to a number of different contexts. We believe our Harrogate Tutors are very well positioned to help our students navigate the new and old areas of the GCSE combined Science and triple Science course.

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