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How Important are GCSE's

Sometimes students and parents can underestimate how significant GCSE's are in terms of helping a student to progress either further in education or to get a job. Many employers now look at GCSE grades, especially Maths and English and see a grade C as the gold standard in terms of minimum requirements. This has resulted in many students going back to re-sit GCSE Maths and English, consequently we have pupils that are now in their mid twenties re-sitting their GCSE's. Obviously a much easier way forward is to pass the exams the first time and avoid the whole rigmarole of trying to fit in re-sits around other commitments such as work and other educational pursuits. Therefore we encourage those students who feel they are struggling with GCSE Maths and English to look into getting support sooner rather than later, whether that be in the form of a private tutor or actually just asking their school teacher for some additional support. Achieving in your GCSE exams isn't an absolute predetermining factor for future success but it is becoming more and more difficult to progress within education and a professional environment without the C grade minimum in Maths and English. Science is also another core subject that many employers look for and is weighted quite heavily on further education applications for relevant courses but it isn't as significant as Maths and English.

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