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GCSE Maths teaching job in Harrogate

Harrogate Tutors is a premium academic tutoring service that only offers one to one tuition. Over the last 5 years our service has expanded in terms of the area we cover and the number of students we tutor. During this time we have provided tutoring work to a small select group of tutors. We want to continue working in this way as we believe it has enabled us to maintain and even improve on the quality of private tuition we offer to students in the Harrogate area.

The demand for our tuition service is growing in the key areas of Maths, English and Science. As a result we have limited availability in these areas, especially GCSE Maths and KS2 English and Maths. We are therefore looking to recruit two tutors over the coming weeks. If you are a tutor or teacher searching for a teaching job in Harrogate then please consider applying to Harrogate Tutors as we offer flexible working patterns of your choice; additionally one to one private tuition is genuinely a rewarding profession that differs greatly from the experience of teaching in a school environment.

The Harrogate Tutors blog has been set up to keep parents, students and tutors informed about changes and updates to our website and service. 

For information on our tutoring services in the Harrogate area

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