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AQA GCSE Science Revision Questions

Many of the Harrogate schools cover the AQA triple Science syllabus which means students will have 9 Science exams this summer; 3 Biology, 3 Physics and 3 Chemistry exams, all individual papers. For our students who are looking to revise GCSE Science then we would highly recommend Complete Tuition as the resources are extremely useful. The GCSE Science resources are specifically aimed at the AQA specification and are set out in a really simple way. They comprehensively test your knowledge of the specification in a simple question answer format. Additionally the answers are in bullet point form to highlight exactly what you have to put to obtain each mark, so a 3 mark question will have a 3 bullet point answer. Finally the answers are all based on mark scheme answers very similar to those that you will see on the AQA GCSE Science past papers. Therefore we think that the resources on Complete Tuition are an excellent way to test your knowledge and highlight areas of weakness. In no way do we recommend that these questions replace the past exam paper practise as this is essential, but we are suggesting that it supplements the past paper revision. What would be a good approach is to use the question and answer sheets prior to the past papers, make sure you learn all of the content and then move on to the past papers which are more contextual and will give you a chance to practise applying it.

At Harrogate Tutors we see learning in three stages, understanding, memorising and then applying; you must complete steps one and two comprehensively to give yourself a chance of applying the material to an exam style question. We believe the AQA GCSE Science practise questions really help with the understanding and memorising of topics and key words. Access them by following hte link below.

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