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QTS Maths Practise Test

Harrogate Tutors is pleased to say that our partner site, QTS Maths, has now launched a selection of practise tests which help people to prepare for the professional numeracy skills test. This is a test that has to be passed in order for you to go on and gain the qualified teacher status, required for those individuals who want to become a teacher in England or Wales. Currently there is a very limited amount of material out there which is targeted at helping individuals prepare for the QTS Maths test. QTS Maths Tutor has 21 practise tests, one of which is free and can be accessed by following this link, QTS Maths practise tests. We believe that the practise test along with the other 20 tests accurately reflect the level of difficulty and the types of questions that appear in the actual exam. The tests have been produced by a team of people with expert Maths experience along with the feedback from many people who have previously sat the test and finally the government guidelines have been used in detail to help produce reliable and robust questions. For anything relating to the professional numeracy skills test, please visit QTS Maths, for any other tuition service please contact Harrogate Tutors directly.

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