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11 Plus Mock Examinations!

Harrogate Tutors are delighted to be able to offer the an 11 Plus examination to our 11+ students through our work with Skipton Tutors and other local agencies. The mock examination is suitable for those children looking to prepare for the Ripon Grammar School entrance exam. The 11+ papers have been designed specifically for the purpose of this exam and they are not available from any outlet or retailer so we can guarantee that your child won't have seen the paper before. We have been made aware that in the past some other agencies have used widely available resources for their mocks which has resulted in some students having all ready seen the questions which obviously detracts from the whole mock experience.

The reasons for sitting a mock test are to highlight the areas of improvement and to give your child the opportunity to experience a real mock exam environment sat in an examination hall with formal exam procedures adhered to. This type of exam environment is something that children aged 10 won't have experienced yet and we think that having this experience will help them to feel more at ease on the day of their actual 11 Plus exam.

The mock examinations will take place at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Newmarket Street, Skipton on the following dates:

  1. Saturday, June 24th Ripon Grammar mock examination. Children should arrive by 9.15am and be collected at 11.45am.

  2. Saturday, July 1st Ripon mock examination. Children should arrive by 9.15am and be collected at 11.45 am.

  3. Saturday, July 15th Ripon Grammar School. Children should arrive by 9.15am and be collected at 11.45am.

Booking Information

The cost of sitting the mock examination is £50. You are welcome to book directly through Harrogate Tutors or visit Skipton Tutors who will also be able to reserve your child a place. Please be aware that the examination fee cannot be refunded once an examination place has been booked.

You may also note that through Skipton Tutors there are a number of 11 Plus mock exams being run for schools across the region including Ermysted's Grammar, Skipton Girls' High School and Clitheroe Royal Grammar. All information relating to these 11+ mocks can be access via the Skipton Tutors 11 Plus mock exams page.

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