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The Time for Revision is Nigh

At Harrogate tutors, the bulk of our students will be sitting examinations in May, June and July. As tutors, we often get asked by our tutees when they should start their revision. Although in truth there is no straightforward answer to this question, what we can say is that early preparation cannot hurt. For students who are looking to excel in their studies, we recommend that they start their revision in early March ahead of the summer examinations. Whilst this can seem daunting to some, starting revision early is often very useful to both the student and their tutors, as it can highlight areas of weakness while there is still time to make a positive improvement. In short, we would advise our students to make a start on their revision now. However, it is important that for now our students prioritise their coursework and homework over revision so that that can be sure to pick up the material that they are currently studying in lessons.

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