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Dealing with Exam Stress

Some students suffer from exam stress whilst others appear to sail through the exam period without it getting to them. As the GCSE and A Level exams draw closer we wanted to share our top tips for dealing with exam stress whilst maximising the efficiency of your revision. The following are tips we have picked up over the years:

  1. Plan your revision. Having a plan for the last 8 weeks leading up to exams is a great way to reduce stress as you no longer worry about what you have to do as it is all ready planned out.

  2. Take a break. Having regular breaks whilst revising is essential to maintain your concentration and it ensures the stress levels don't build up as you are working through what may be a difficult and stressful topic.

  3. Rewards. Even though you are revising for what are likely to be the most important exams of your life so far it is important you reward your hard work with the occasional sustained break. For example, set yourself a target of completing a piece of work, or even better, fully learning a specific topic and at the end of the week take Saturday afternoon off to go see a new movie or eat at your favourite restaurant or both if you work really hard. Having rewards whilst revising gives you something to look forward to and helps to keep you more relaxed with all the work you have ahead of you.

  4. Sleep. Possibly the single most important thing when it comes to dealing with stress levels. Try to be consistent with the times you go to bed and get up, even at weekends, Easter and half term as keeping a consistent sleep routine will ensure your body adapts to that pattern and in times of stress you will have a better chance of sleeping well. Also always leave time to relax before bed, never work really late just before you are due to go to bed as this will mean your brain is ticking and you may struggle to sleep.

  5. Diet and exercise. Having a balanced diet always helps but also during your exam period try to avoid relying on things like caffeine and energy drinks as caffeine can disrupt sleep but also increase the feelings of anxiety and stress. Exercising has been proving to improve stress levels as it releases certain 'happy hormones' whilst inhibiting hormones linked to stress.

At Harrogate Tutors we take pride in helping our pupils to navigate the exams, not only with delivering content but also providing advice on exam technique, revision timetables and how to deal with exam stress. Whether you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor or an A Level English tutor, Harrogate Tutors is the team to contact.

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