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GCSE Science Exams

Harrogate Tutors is a premium academic tutoring agency based in Harrogate and we are dedicated to offering the best one to one tuition in Maths, English and Science related subjects. Our GCSE Science tutors in Harrogate are all really experienced and what it takes for our students to get great results in the GCSE Science exams.

With the GCSE exams getting underway this month we thought it would be good to review the two exams that have all ready happened this week, C1 and B1 and look forward to the P1 exam next week. The Harrogate comprehensive Schools, Harrogate Grammar, St Aiden's, Rossett, St John's Fisher and Harrogate High, all cover the GCSE Science using the AQA exam board. Therefore this week, students attending these schools and most of our GCSE Science students have taken the AQA B1 Biology core exam and AQA C1 Chemistry Core exam.

AQA B1 Biology Core Exam: The main questions appear to be on auxins and the reflex arc, two topics that our GCSE Biology tutors in Harrogate know very well. The reflex arc question is one that we have practised many times with all of our students using the acronym SR SR ME, stimulus, receptor, sensory neurone, relay neurone, motor neurone and effectors. The consensus from all of our students was that the B1 Biology paper was a fair test of their knowledge and we look forward to receiving their results.

AQA C1 Chemistry Core Exam: The large question that came up was surrounding limestone which is notoriously many students weak spot along with metals as these two areas are taught towards the start of the course and have quite specific factual content such as 'calcium carbonate is thermally decomposed in kiln to produce calcium oxide and carbon dioxide'. These sorts of facts do not stick easily with students as they struggle to relate them to anything. However, at Harrgoate Tutors our GCSE Chemistry tutors are aware of these difficulties and more focus was put on topics like limestone because of this and we are therefore very confident that all of our students will have one well in this year's C1 exam.

AQA P1 Physics Core Exam: Looking forward to the first GCSE Physics exam of this year, the P1 core exam, we think that like the other two papers the Physics core paper will be a fair test of our students knowledge. The large topics within the P1 syllabus include waves and wave properties as well as energy transfer and electricity generation. Question types such as 'How does a wood/coal/gas/nuclear power station generate electricity' feature quite a bit in the past papers and the answers are always structured in the same way, the fuel releases heat, which turns water to steam, which turns a turbine that is connected to a generator which generates electricity. We advise all of our students to complete all of the P1 past papers that are available, look for the patterns in the mark schemes in the way they are structured and the key words they are looking for. The 6 mark questions are limited as there are few topics within the P1 core syllabus that have enough content to warrant a 6 mark question. Harrogate Tutors are confident that all of our students are well prepared for the AQA P1 Core exam next week and that with our expert insight into the GCSE Science syllabus stand a great chance of succeeding in all of the AQA GCSE Science exams.

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