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GCSE English Re-Sits

GCSE English is now essential for most employment and all further education so students have to achieve a minimum of a level 5, or previously a grade C. For those who haven't achieved a level 5 in GCSE English and have to re-sit it then Harrogate Tutors can provide the support you need. If you are re-sitting GCSE English in Harrogate and you are at one of the local schools or colleges, it is likely that you will have fewer hours of GCSE English lessons this year in comparison to last year even though you evidently need more support to help you pass your GCSE English next time. This is the case for most schools and colleges across the country which has resulted in a GCSE English retake success of around 10%; therefore 9 out of 10 people retaking GCSE English fail again. Whatever the reason for a student failing their GCSE English in the first place has to be addressed otherwise simply going back into the same GCSE English lessons as the year before but with fewer contact hours is unlikely to yield the desired result. At Harrogate Tutors our specialist GCSE English tutors have years of experience of helping students to pass their GCSE English. Our pass rate is far higher than the national average for both first time results and for those who are re-sitting GCSE English. If you are looking for a GCSE English tutor in Harrogate, think Harrogate Tutors.

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