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The Numeracy Skills Test

The numeracy skills test is something which all prospective teachers have to pass in order to gain qualified teacher status and actually gain entry onto initial teacher training. Both QTS Skills Tests are considered difficult but more people struggle with the numeracy skills tests which is reflected in the national statistics on the governments website. At Harrogate Tutors we have helped a number of people to overcome the professional numeracy skills test and pass their exam first time. We have now partnered with QTS Maths Tutor the leading provider of numeracy skills test resources and revision materials. From numeracy skills book recommendations to the most comprehensive 21 numeracy skills tests online, QTS Maths Tutor has all of the revision materials you need to help you get through your QTS Skills Test. If after using the practice papers you find that you are still struggling to get to the approximate pass mark of 63% or 18 out of 28, then Harrogate Tutors can offer you that additional help. Our specialist numeracy skills tutors are GCSE Maths tutors who have trained to offer the numeracy skills tuition. With up to date knowledge of recent question types that have appeared in the test and with invaluable experience, our numeracy skills tutors can help you pass your QTS Maths Test first time.

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