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Numeracy Skills Test Model Solutions

Harrogate Tutors is currently in the process of reviewing the best GCSE Maths revision materials available but this week we are having a break in order to review resources for the professional numeracy skills test. The qts maths test is an exam that prospective teachers in England and Wales have to pass if they want to continue with their initial teacher training and become a qualified teacher. There is a distinct lack of free resources out there to help people to prepare for their numeracy skills test but one provider has gone to the trouble of making video solutions for each of the governments numeracy skills test as well as their own free practice test. You can access these model solutions below

Numeracy skills test 1 from the governments site

The STA QTS numeracy test 2

The QTS numeracy skills test 3

The fourth QTS Maths Test

The free numeracy skills practice test

If you require a numeracy skills tutor in Harrogate then Harrogate Tutors can help. The revision materials highlighted above are great but they may not be enough for some prospective teachers to get to the pass mark. If you are preparing for your professional skills test and require some advice or additional support then get in touch with Harrogate Tutors today.

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