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Numeracy Skills Test

As we enter the new year, many prospective teachers look to start preparing for their professional numeracy skills test.

The numeracy skills test requires candidates to sit 28 questions of which 12 are mental arithmetic followed by 16 written data questions. The first section is especially difficult due to the time constraints; you only have 18 seconds after the second repeat of the question to get to the right answer. Many people find the professional numeracy skills test very difficult which is why we have developed a tuition service specifically for this. We have helped many people in Harrogate pass their professional skills tests by providing the very best one to one tuition. Some people think accessing tuition through a GCSE Maths teacher is enough, and in some cases it may be as a GCSE Maths tutor will be able to help with content of the exam as there is a large cross over with GCSE but the methods required to be successful in the mental arithmetic section are not skills that will have been developed or taught at GCSE maths, these are more like functional maths skills but under a strict time limit which causes many people to panic.

At Harrogate Tutors we have a small team of qts skills test specialists, who are able to help specifically with the methods required to pass these exams. Additionally we work with QTS Maths Tutor to provide the very best numeracy skills practice tests to help students revise effectively outside of lessons. If you are looking to pass your numeracy skills test, contact Harrogate Tutors today.

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