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GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking

With the uncertain times we are currently in, all GCSE testing centres are currently closed and it is uncertain when they will reopen. For those prospective teachers who require a GCSE equivalency test result in order to gain entry on to their training course, there is an alternative option now available. You can book a GCSE maths equivalency test through the Maths Made Easy website.

With this online maths equivalency test you can sit the exam in your own home. The way that it works is that you book the test online, then the exam papers are posted to you in a sealed envelope. You open the exam envelope and take the test in front of a webcam at a specified time before then posting your completed exam papers back for marking. Your exam papers are marked and the result is shared with you within 2 weeks of taking the exam. The exam result is now being accepted by more training providers as they realise that there are no alternatives for prospective teachers this year. That said, candidates are encouraged to check with their specific providers to ensure they will accept their result.

The GCSE maths equivalency test is based on the Edexcel exam boards specification. All of the key areas are tested with examiners marking each paper. Follow the link below in order to book your test.

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