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A Level Maths Past Papers

At the Harrogate tutors, our primary goal is to provide help for anyone looking to take their exams. Coving both GCSE and A-Level, we offer support in a multitude of ways. Such as our private 1-2-1 tutoring, as well as blogs like these, where we go over the resources available to students. The topic of discussion today is the A Level maths past papers.

While there are many A Level maths past papers providers on the internet. MME is one of the best in terms of revision resources. Offering a wide range of A Level papers from different exam boards. It guarantees that there will be a suitable set of papers for almost everyone. Even if your exam board isn’t on the list, the other papers have been designed to still cater to all exam boards. With the only real difference being format. Making MME’s papers an excellent choice to add to your revision resources.

Many already know what the A Level maths past papers are about, but many misunderstand how they should be used. Especially in regard to education providers such as colleges and schools. The misconception is that the papers should be taken frequently throughout the year leading up to the exam. Which allows the student to memorize the questions. However, this is not what the past papers were initially designed for. The papers are best used instead a few weeks away from the final exam.

This method of using the papers starts off with the student sitting one of the papers in exam conditions. Once completed, the student would use the marking scheme provided to go through and mark the paper. Giving the student a clear image of what their strengths and weaknesses are. This will then allow the student to focus their revision on those weak areas. Once the student is more confident in their skills, it will be time to take a second past paper. This one also being in exam conditions. Then marking it. From here, the student would repeat the cycle until the day of the exam.


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