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Entry Level 3 Maths

For many who wish to earn their Functional Skills Level 1 or Level 2 Maths qualification. The study of mathematics at entry-level 3 may be required. At the Harrogate Tutors company, our aim is to help all students of any age and knowledge level. Providing support for those who ask in both entry-level and functional skills. This includes providing additional resources alongside our tutoring services.

Check out our recommended Entry Level 3 Maths revision resource!

The resource above is an excellent one created by Pass Functional Skills. Built around the curriculum. It guarantees that any topic that could show up in the exam will be covered by the resource. Including:

  • Basic fractions

  • Division

  • Line graphs

  • movement/direction

  • Bar charts

  • And many more

For each of the topics, several resources are available. These include the general explanation and breakdown of the topic. As well as video solutions going over how to solve problems relating to the topic. Then once you have done through those 2, you would move on to the worksheets, which helps to put your new knowledge into practice (practice makes perfect!). Finally, once you have gained some confidence in the topic, you can move on to practice questions. Which are based on ones that are found on the actual entry-level 3 maths exam.

Make sure to check out the Entry Level 3 Maths revision resource today!


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