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Free Functional Skills English Level 2 Online Course


The Harrogate Tutors will be covering a particular brilliant resource that you can use in preparation for your Functional Skills Level 2 English Online Exam. Today we will be talking about the Pass Functional Skills Level 2 English Course. We are proud to inform you before we get started that we are able to offer this course on behalf of Pass Functional Skills for FREE!

What is the course?

The course itself was designed around the exam itself, so it is extremely popular with anyone of any age that wishes to take the English exam. By being worked around the exam, it guarantees the coverage of all relevant subjects that could appear in the exam. Helping to maximize your revision time. The course itself is designed to be the perfect solution for someone who has not taken English in a number of years. But is also incredibly useful for someone who has studied it recently as a refresher. The Course is also relevant to a multitude of different exam boards to suit the course for almost any exam. These exam boards include City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA, Open Awards, and More.

What does the course cover?

The course itself is split into 3 main components, done after the layout of the actual English Exam. These are Reading, Writing, and the SLC. The course will cover these sections thoroughly to ensure your complete understanding of the content. The actual revision will come in the form of different materials, including a beginning pre-assessment of your knowledge, video solutions to provided exam questions, and mock papers. All of which are also based on what you could encounter in the exam.

How can the Harrogate Tutors help?

As well as providing this brilliant course for FREE, we also offer tutoring to supplement your revision alongside the course. We can help with personalised 1-1 tutoring to go over any subjects that you are still struggling in to ensure that you can secure your pass.


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