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Free Online GCSE Courses

Harrogate Tutors helps students access the top revision materials, including ones that are free online. Although, it can be difficult to figure out which materials are worth using and what isn’t because free things are often not the best, but they sometimes can be if you look in the right places.

For this post we are looking at free online GCSE courses that are available for core subjects. Online courses are useful support for any student, whether you are a school age student or an adult learner. When learning and revising, online platforms are really useful because they mark your answers for you and provide additional materials such as video explanations. The GCSE online courses that we would recommend are exam board specific which includes AQA, Edexcel, OCR and other exam boards including specifications for iGCSE. The courses begin with videos or notes which cover what you need to know for that topic. To test your new knowledge, you can move onto practice questions which will recall what you’ve learnt. Next, you can move onto exam style questions which will test if you can apply the knowledge in different contexts. Once you are happy with all the topics, you can move onto full mock exams. The online system marks your answers as you move through the questions and most times there are video solutions to show how to complete the question in the best way. In preparation for your exams, we recommend using english, science and maths courses to help you learn and revise.

If you are in search of a tutor in Harrogate then our specialist team is happy to help. Get in touch today to arrange a tutor in your area for maths, science or english.


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