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Functional Skills

In essence, this is an Ofqual approved qualification that you can receive in either Maths or English. Used as an equivalent to a PASS in GCSE. The qualification itself is widely accepted by Universities, apprenticeships, colleges, and jobs. So the qualification can be used to help advance in your workspace or education.

We at Harrogate Tutors heavily recommend Pass Functional Skills as the provider of your Functional Skills exam. Their services are high quality and due to our close association with them, we are familiar with their exams. So we can effectively tutor you based on what will appear in the exam.

As the exams are very challenging, especially if you have not covered the subject matter for some time. Our tutoring services will be extremely important in your journey. Alongside our tutoring, there is a multitude of different resources across the internet. But remember that to get the most of your revision time, you should use resources created after 2019. Since the specification was reformed then.

The exam itself (as well as our tutoring) will all be online due to the pandemic. So you will be taking the exam in the comfort of your own home. Just keep in mind that the exam will be done in exam conditions, regulated by the Pass Functional Skills exam invigilators.


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