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Functional Skills Course

Harrogate Tutors offers tailored support to learners of varying abilities, including adults. Our primary focus has been aiding adult learners in enrolling in their preferred functional skills program. To achieve this, we assess each student's individual needs and design a personalised learning pathway that accommodates their daily commitments, such as work or childcare. In some instances, a fast-paced approach is essential, and we strive to ensure that learners can complete their course and exams within a few weeks, enabling them to meet deadlines for job or university applications.

Courses in functional skills are typically tailored to individuals who either missed out on getting their GCSE qualifications during their time in school or are seeking to enhance their skills to meet the demands of their job or career. These courses can be undertaken at different levels, ranging from entry-level to level 2, and are available in a range of settings, including online platforms, which are gaining more popularity due to their convenience and rapid results.

While functional skills courses may involve a blend of traditional classroom based learning, hands on exercises and assessments, attending college on a frequent basis may not be feasible for many learners. As a result, the online alternative has become increasingly popular. These courses cover a broad range of subjects, including written communication skills in English and the use of percentages in mathematics. Apart from preparing individuals for level 2 qualifications, functional skills courses also help the development of everyday skills that can enhance career prospects

Harrogate Tutors is dedicated to assisting learners in finding the most suitable functional skills course for their needs. In addition, we offer tutoring services to support the learning and studying process. Whether you are enrolled in a college program or pursuing online self study, our team is available to provide the support you require to succeed in your functional skills course

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