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Functional Skills Initial Assessment

Here at the Harrogate Tutors, we aim to support learners of all ages within the Harrogate area. While for the majority of the time, this is through one-to-one tutoring. Provided by our highly qualified tutors. We also offer recommendations for different revision resources and tools. Today's topic will be an excellent set of tools called the Functional Skills initial assessments. These are the initial assessments that determine what level you are at. And a pre-assessment that determines the topics that you need to work on.

Both of these excellent tools can be assessed through the links provided in this article. For both Maths and English. Allowing for easy access to the tools when needed. After registering for the tests for free, you can take and complete the Diagnostic Assessments. Once you have completed both and got a good idea of your current level and strengths/weaknesses. You can move on to find the appropriate course and revision materials for your skill level. When doing this, ensure that the resources selected are the best, as well as the most up-to-date. This will make sure the content you are revising is relevant to the curriculum the exam is based on.

When looking for support in the Harrogate area, we are always open to those who need help. If you want to learn more about the Diagnostic Assessments or about other revision materials available. Feel free to contact us for assistance,


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