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Functional Skills Level 2

Today the subject of discussion will be Functional Skills Level 2. Which is an Ofqual approved qualification that is with a C or 4 in GCSE maths and/or English. Especially useful for people who, for whatever reason, were unable to receive the qualification when they were in school. By taking the exam and gaining the qualification, you will be opening doors that were not available to you before, including:

  • Higher-level jobs

  • Apprenticeships

  • College

  • University

  • Other course routes

In order to receive the said qualification, you have to go through a simple process. Firstly you will have to book your English or Maths exam. Then you will revise up until the day of your exam. Once you have taken your exam you will then have to wait for your results. Once received and you have passed, you will receive your qualification (yay!).

This process is a lot more simple, as well as quicker, than resisting your GCSEs. Firstly unlike the few weeks (on average), it would take to receive your Functional Skills qualification. It would take around 2 years to receive your GCSE qualification. The exam for GCSEs also can only take 2 times a year, these being May and November. Meanwhile, for Functional Skills Level 2, the exam can be taken all year round. So is a lot more flexible and convenient.


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