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Functional Skills Level 2 English Past Paper

Here at the Harrogate Tutors, we aim to help students and adults alike in developing their English skills. This is with the aim of them going onto taking their Functional Skills English Level 2 Exam. One of the best ways (that we heavily recommend!) to revise for your exam is by the use of Past Papers, today in this article we will be going through what the contents of the Past Papers are, and how you can access them.

All about the Past Papers

While there are many different versions of the past papers across multiple different websites, you are best only using those created after the year 2019. This is because the specification before then was changed and updated, so the ones before 2019 will be outdated. The papers themselves will consist of the FS English L2 Exam Past Papers that other people have taken in the past. This will be useful for your revision as it will give you an in depth idea of what the exam will be like, and what to expect from the exam.

How to access the Past Papers

We recommend going to the MME website for your Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers. This is because they have many different choices of papers from many different exam boards. The different exam boards will all have different styles of exams with different content. So their Individual Practice Papers will best reflect what taking the actual exam will be like if you choose them as your exam board. We heavily recommend finding out the exam board your exam will be taken with, so you can use their practice papers to get the best idea of what to expect, as well as to figure out if you are ready for the exam.

A warning about taking the Past Papers

We heavily recommend being confident in the subject matter that will be covered in the Past Paper Exam first before taking one. This is because it could easily impact your confidence if you get a bad result in it. The Past Papers are meant to be there to supplement your revision, so don’t forget to use over revision materials!


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