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Functional Skills Level 2 Equivalent

There are many misconceptions regarding Functional skills level 2 equivalent qualifications. Today we will be going through what Functional Skills are and how it can be useful for you. In essence, a Level 2 qualification is the equivalent to a passing grade in GCSE level Maths and/or English. Used by learners to gain access to:

  • University courses

  • College courses

  • Apprenticeship

  • Jobs

  • And so on

There are some main benefits to taking the Functional skills level 2 equivalent exam over the GCSE one. The main being that due to the grade being limited to a passing one, the Functional Skills curriculum is much smaller than the GCSE one. This means that there will be less for the learner to revise. The exam can also be taken at any point throughout the year online. Meanwhile, the GCSE exam can only be taken at an exam centre at certain times of the year. Making the Functional Skills exam much more flexible for learners.

If you are still unsure if the Functional Skills exam is the best choice for you. You can rest assured knowing that the qualification is Ofqual approved. And your results will be returned to you within two weeks of sitting the exam. If you need support or have questions, feel free to contact us today.


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