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Functional Skills Level 2 in London

For many, they may be unsure what Functional Skills Level 2 is. In essence, it is an equivalent qualification worth a C/4 grade in GCSE Maths/English. Siting the FS exam over the GCSE one is more beneficial as it is a lot more flexible. As you are able to take the FS exam anytime throughout the year. Unlike the GCSE exam which can only be taken in 2-time frames during the year. The FS exam can also be taken from the comfort of your own home online. Unlike the GCSE exam which has to be taken in a physical exam center. As the FS exam can be taken throughout the year, it will make it easier to meet deadlines. Especially for those who wish to apply to University, apprenticeships, as well as other course routes.

At some point in the process of receiving your Functional Skills Level 2 qualification, you may need assistance or tutoring. In the Harrogate area, we at Harrogate Tutors aim to ensure that your needs are met. Offering support services to help give you the best chance of passing your exams. As well as helping to ensure that the exam choice you have chosen is the best one for you.

Also, check out support in the London area with functional skills level 2 in London!

Alongside assisting you with the Functional Skills Level 2 process. We also want to ensure that you have access to only the best revision resources available. This includes materials such as:

For those who are looking for support in the Harrogate area, we at Harrogate Tutors have you covered!


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