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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Past Papers

Here at Harrogate tutors, we ensure we help our students develop their maths skills in preparation for their functional skills exams. Past papers are key when revising for the exam, this article will discuss how to gain access to level 2 past papers and how to use them effectively.

The functional skills maths level 2 past papers can be accessed on a number of different websites but it is crucial that you are aware that you should only use the pacers from 2019 and onwards as new specifications have come into effect. Therefore any exam papers from before 2019 aren't as relevant as they are missing some content. The different exam boards all offer their own individual past papers but they all use the same government curriculum so there is little difference between them. The main difference between them is the exam structure, but the revision material is still useful.

It is recommended that students only go onto past papers once they feel confident enough with the subject as it is much different from other revision. Once you have covered each area of the subject content, it is then advised you do first functional skills maths level 2 past paper. It is best to complete the mocks and past papers under time conditions as knowing how long it takes you to complete each question and the exam is important. Once you have finished the past papers use the relevant mark schemes to help you mark the paper or ask your tutor. These past papers allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to work on.

At Harrogate Tutors we are here to help you pass your exam. If you are looking for functional skills tutors in Harrogate then we are here to help.


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