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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Tests PDF

In this article we will be covering the different resources we offer to help prepare you, in this we will be covering:

  • Past Papers

  • Practice Papers

  • Pre-Assessments

All of which will help you prepare for your Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam (which will be Ofqual regulated).

This is by far our most popular resource that students who are taking our exam like to use. We also offer it online for your convenience. Alongside this, we also provide a video of the marking scheme, which will assist you in marking your past papers. We highly recommend this as the online papers will not store your answers, as well as it being a good way to learn what you did wrong and improve.

These are 20 practice papers, which are formatted in the same way as the exam. This ensures that they are the highest quality possible and best prepare you for the real thing. They will be delivered to your door, so no need to worry about printing, as well as come with their own marking scheme to check your answers. Which will help further in improving your skills before your exam.

These are Functional Skills Maths practice tests, created with the purpose of showing you what topics you are weak in. Which will help you focus on the correct topics to study, ensuring you use your time before the exam as best as possible.


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