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Functional Skills Online

At Harrogate Tutors, we offer a much more convenient way to achieve the qualification required for the new job offer, university course or apprenticeship. Functional Skills online is an important certification which may be needed to get to this step, the qualification is widely accredited and accepted as an equivalent to a level 4 or grace C at GCSE. Here at Harrogate Tutors, we offer an important stepping stone for anyone who needs tuition for function skills online. Our online courses are available at different levels, so learners can choose what best fits them.

A huge benefit of studying with us is the flexibility. The course is available 24/7, which allows students to study at their own pace and in their own time, whether in the comfort of their own home or on the go. This is especially useful for people who are working, or have other commitments and is also ideal for students who previously struggled to access education, or struggled with the more traditional classroom based way of learning.

English functional skills will enable learners to help prepare them to understand and participate in discussions, help them put their point across coherently and interpret writings and instructions - all extremely beneficial in a workplace environment. Maths functional skills will teach learners to solve problems, financial management, data analysis, calculations and most importantly taught how to apply these to real world situations. Moreover, studying functional skills online offers an engaging and interactive way of learning to encourage learners in the process, these include quizzes, videos and online textbooks.

All of our online functional skills courses offer transferable skills making them extremely handy to anyone looking to make their next steps into higher education, a new workplace or apprenticeship - if this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with us at Harrogate Tutors today.


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