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GCSE Biology Revision

Harrogate Tutors helps learners with English, Maths and Science related subjects. This involves choosing resources which are the most beneficial in aiding students with their studies. This week we are focusing on GCSE Biology revision materials. The most useful resources should contain notes to revise from, questions to practise and past papers. Having an organised plan and having the drive to stick to it is usually the most practical revision.

Many students revising GCSE Biology make the mistake of not using notes or practice questions before doing the past papers. This causes students to use up their most beneficial resources and can affect their confidence. Being able to learn and recall key facts should be part of GCSE Biology revision. When you have solidified this knowledge you can then use practice questions to apply the knowledge you’ve learnt. Students are advised to do practice questions before past papers. This can help students to use new knowledge in varied situations and contexts to ultimately build their confidence.

The next step is to then move on to GCSE Biology past papers, it is important with these to learn from your mistakes. Whilst marking the papers after they've been completed, you should make a note of any errors you’ve made. So that you don't make the same mistakes again, you can use the notes you've made to go over key topics. After this you should repeat the same steps with the other past papers. You should see an increase in your average score, but if you get less marks on any of the papers don't panic because finding patterns between papers is more important. On completion of these papers you should feel more prepared to sit your GCSE Biology exams with added confidence.

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