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GCSE Maths Questions

At Harrogate Tutors we provide support for students in all areas of their studies. This week we are putting a focus on finding the best GCSE maths questions and how best to use them for your revision. Having the best practice questions to help with your revision is the most effective way to prepare you for your exams. A lot of students will focus their revision on past papers, and although these are one of the best resources available they are also the most limited and difficult. Before starting any past papers Harrogate Tutors recommends using MME questions by topic, which cover entire specifications for various exam boards. These will help you become confident with topic content and introduce you to exam questions.

It is very important when revising to get into a good routine. We believe that students work best when they make a note of any corrections in areas where they’ve dropped marks. The most practical way to do this is by finishing a topic area and then marking it with the provided mark scheme or asking your tutor to mark and provide feedback for you. You can then use any feedback to summarise areas for improvement, which you can add to as you move through the other topics. These notes are an essential to use before starting past papers as they highlight any questions or methods that you need to work on.

After completing all the content you can move on to past papers. Similar to the topic questions, you should complete a paper and then document any mistakes. These papers are a really great way to get used to different types of GCSE maths exam questions whilst continually improving on any mistakes. Here at Harrogate tutors we are committed to helping all students get through their GCSE maths course. Contact us today for academic assistance with GCSE maths for you or your child.


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