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GCSE Maths Revision Cards

At the Harrogate tutor company, we aim to support students who wish to take their exams. The focus of this support today will be in regards to GCSE Maths revision materials. Ensuring that you have all the knowledge and advice that you will need regarding your revision. Over the years, revision methods change and update as we learn more. So ensuring that your revision methods are up to date and the best possible will be key. An efficient and overall good way of revision is a method that will break down the information that you are learning into manageable chunks. He heavily recommend MME’s GCSE Maths revision cards for this.

These cards will break down each of the main topics in the GCSE Maths curriculum (they have both foundation andhigher paper versions of the cards!). Offering things like

  • Explanations of the individual topics

  • Working examples

  • Practice questions

  • Answer booklet

Which all combine to give you the most thorough revision experience possible.

The cards work by sung them in small but frequent sessions. Which will prevent you getting overwelmed so youy can retain more information. As wella s having the practice questions will give help you understand how to apply your knowledge in the exam itself. Especially important as you will be expected to know both the methodologies and the formulas of each subject that could appear on the exam.

The main subjects that will be covered by the cards will be ratio and proportion, geometry and measurements, pythagoras and trigonometry, as well as probability and statistics. These subjects will be spread out over 80 (foundation) to 90 (higher) cards. Giving you ample opportunity to learn and improve your knowledge of GCSE Maths.

If the GCSE Maths revision cards sound just right for you then why wait? Grab your pack today!


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