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GCSE Resits

GCSE resits in maths and English is something many learners are considering after the outcome of GCSE results day 2022. Learners who have not been successful in passing GCSE maths and English will usually be looking at their options. And the options they have will be to either sit a resit and try their best in that or the alternative qualification, functional skills level 2.

We have a very high percentage of students who take functional skills and pass here at Harrogate Tutors. This means that we do not have many students who are already with us looking to have GCSE resits. For resits, the learners that approach us mostly about them are those who have sat elsewhere and have failed. It is important that we can talk to them and see where they are at to decide on the best option for them moving forward. Functional skills maths and English is the perfect qualification for many and can be enough for most people. This is mainly because it is accepted as a GCSE equivalent in most Universities and employers. Allowing people to proceed and take the next step in their career paths. For some courses though, learners will need higher than a level 4 which means that their only option is to take a GCSE resit. We are more than happy to help learners, providing tuition and revision and study materials in each subject. You can also book the GCSE maths and English resits through these links below:

If a level 4 fits your plans well then functional skills level 2 maths and English is the best option. There are many advantages to this over the GCSE resits. You can take this from your own home giving you more comfort and you can sit it whenever you like all year round. Giving you more space to juggle other life responsibilities while still progressing in your desired career paths. Also there is less content to study and much less of a waiting time for results. Results should be back in 2 weeks rather than the 2 months it would be for GCSE resits.

For more information on GCSE resits, study materials and other educational services we offer, please contact us.


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