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How to get maths GCSE quickly

At Harrogate Tutors we aid students with all aspects of their studies. A common question we get asked is how to get a maths GCSE quickly. This isn’t as simple as you might think as there is a limited number of exam times to sit GCSE exams. In this article, we are going to look at alternatives that you can use.

GCSE maths exams are a paper based exam and are only sat in November and May/June. Due to regulations these exams have to be sat at a registered exam centre. There are 3 separate exams to complete which means students have to attend the exam centre on 3 separate days at specific times. There is no flexibility with these exams because everyone in the country sitting the exam has to do it at the same time. The lack of flexibility means GCSE maths exams aren’t a viable option for a lot of adult learners. The main alternative we suggest is functional skills maths level 2. This qualification can be sat at home all year round. Similar to the GCSE it is still ofqual regulated, so it’s accepted by universities and employers as an equivalent to a GCSE grade C. For paper based exams results can take 6 weeks, but with online exams you can receive your results within a number of days which makes it the fastest way to get a maths GCSE. The other option available are GCSE equivalency exams, although these are mainly used for teacher training and are not as widely acknowledged as GCSE or functional skills qualifications.

To sum up, how to get a maths GCSE depends on the time of year and how soon you need your results. The GCSE tends not to be the best option due to the set dates and results taking around 2-3 months. We see a large number of adult learners now choosing functional skills as the best alternative for them. At Harrogate Tutors we are available to help with any academic needs. For support with your studies, get in touch today.


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