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Maths GCSE Equivalency Test

If you are planning on sitting the GCSE maths equivalency test, MME can help you to prepare with different revision material. MME can also book the exam for you and if you need an English or science GCSE equivalency tests, they can book these too. Harriet tutors will help you during the one to one session to overcome any problems you are having and look at exam materials.

The UK government has set the equivalency test exams curriculum and the exam provider will have a specification that they can send you before you sit the exam. If you require a maths equivalency test before applying for a nurse or teacher training course, MME can help provide this exam for you. This qualification is for people who don’t have a GCSE qualification in maths, science or English. One of the advantages of taking this qualification over a GCSE is they are flexible and can be taken when you are ready.

Exam Booking

MME is a provider therefore you can book the maths GCSE equivalency test through them. The equivalency exam has been invigorated and professionally organised. You have two ways to book the exam, either book directly with MME over the phone or book online.

The mock exams should help you prepare for the maths equivalency test. The real exam style questions are used in the maths equivalency test practice papers to help prepare you. The mock papers and the mark scheme will be delivered to you by Royal Mail. When you have finished the mock exam, you can use the mark scheme to see how well you did.


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