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Multiply scheme

When looking to get ready for taking a Maths exam at a GCSE level. You will want to first ensure that the resources and support you choose are the best for you. Harrogate Tutors aims to support learners of all ages in this regard. One aspect of this would be the support and provision of information on different initiatives that could assist learners. For adult and mature learners, looking for specific support can be difficult, as most are aimed toward younger learners. But one initiative called the Multiply scheme provides support and resources specifically tailored toward mature learners.

The biggest benefit of the Multiply programme is the resources offered to adult learners. These resources are both high-quality and up-to-date. Most of which were created for the scheme, so cannot be found anywhere else. Including maths course materials, general resources, practice tests, and explanation videos.

The one thing that the Multiply scheme does not provide however is the exam itself. So if you are aiming to take a GCSE or equivalent Maths exam. You will need to do so with a third party that is a registered exam center. This can be done through a college, or by taking an online exam through providers like Pass Functional Skills or MME. Both offer Functional Skills exams, which are equivalent to a passing grade in GCSEs.

If you have any questions or are unsure if you would be able to qualify for the program. We recommend visiting the Multiply website, where you will be able to fill in a form that will find out if you are eligible for the initiative. Or if it's answers to questions you are after, then we at Harrogate tutors are always happy to help. Feel free to get in contact today!


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