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Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills

Harrogate tutors introduction:

Harrogate Tutors are based in and around Harrogate and the surrounding areas, we provide a great 1-to-1 tuition service for Maths, English and Science related subjects. Our particularly enthusiastic tutors want the best outcomes possible for their students and want to make sure they are fully prepared for their exams before their exam day.

QTLS Introduction

The QTLS status is awarded to teachers in the Educational sector and allows them to teach in schools. QTLS builds up key skills that are essential for working in an education environment, some of these skills include leadership, responsibility, communication and listening skills.

Is QTLS the same as QTS?

QTLS and QTS are very similar and often interchangeable when it comes to teaching as they are seen as equal statuses.

How do I achieve QTLS?

You can achieve QTLS once you have met the minimum English and Maths grade requirements, these being of Grade C or higher, or having a Functional Skills level 2 qualification. A strong contributor to Maths and English tutoring is MME (Maths made Easy). The tutors at MME help students to gain their qualifications, and can assist you in your QTLS application. MME also provides Maths and English revision cards and past papers that serve as an effective learning device when it comes to preparing for the upcoming exams.

Can you teach in schools with QTLS?

If you are an SET member and have a QTLS qualification you will be allowed to teach in schools across the UK.


The Harrogate Tutors blog has been set up to keep parents, students and tutors informed about changes and updates to our website and service. 

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