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Trigonometry Revision

We at the Harrogate tutors want to ensure that you fully understand the subject of Trigonometry. While we usually do this with our personal tutoring services. We also provide free access to Trigonometry Revision resources. Said resource is highly recommended by schools, teachers, and students alike.

Free access here!

The Trigonometry Revision website covers the 3 main topics of Trigonometry. These been

  • SOH, meaning: sin(θ) = opposite / hypotenuse

  • CAH, meaning: cos(θ) = adjacent / hypotenuse

  • TOA, meaning: tan(θ) = opposite / adjacent

Ensuring that everything you will be expected to know will be on the Revision website.

Trigonometry Worksheets - The first step of your Trigonometry Revision. This consists of explanations of each Trigonometry topic. Alongside working examples of the topic. Ensuring that you have a thorough idea of the topic.

Trigonometry Questions - The second step of your Trigonometry Revision. This consists of several questions, all designed after those found on the exam. Designed to test your knowledge about what you have just learned.

At Harrogate tutors, we are always striving to ensure that students are ready for their exams. Providing high-quality, personal tutoring via video call. Giving you the best chance of passing your exams. If you are still unsure of the Trigonometry subject, feel free to contact us for more help!


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